So, you got ripped off.

Don't panic! We know this can be stressful but we are going to help. Read through this page for the best tips, tricks, and advice to getting your money back.

Try and work it out:
Try and work it out with the company you purchased from. If you received a dress that is a knock-off from the picture on the site, tell them that you ordered the dress in the picture, not a copy of that dress. Tell them you feel like you were misled and cheated. Ask for a full refund and ask them to send a "call tag" or a shipping label so you can send the dress back.

Getting your money back:
If you are unable to work it out with the company, call your credit card company (the number on the back of your card). Tell them that you want to "dispute a charge." When they ask you what the situation is, tell them:
- You bought a dress online
- It is not the same as the picture
- You tried to work it out with the company, and they are refusing to take it back

This works the vast majority of the time. Consumers tell us that this is very effective against companies located in China because they are unwilling to fight most chargebacks.

Other Things you should know:
Don't be pressured into "taking a partial refund," or be forced to spend your money to send the dress back if something is blatantly wrong.
DO NOT try and send the dress back without talking to the company first. Most online companies do not accept returns without RA numbers which means they can just decline the shipment and have it sent back to you; all of which costs YOU money.
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