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Essense of Australia is a wedding gown line for the bride who is looking for exquisite fabrics and intricate beading. Each piece is designed as if it were the only dress in the line. Essense of Australia has a team of designers working to make sure that their line stays at the top of the bridal industry. Fashion influences from Europe and New York are taken into consideration so that fashion appeal stays at the forefront of the Essense of Australia line.

Only the very best fabrics are used in the Essense of Australia dress line. Fabrics like Crushed Taffeta, Angel Satin, Lace, Silky Satin, Dolce Satin, Soft organza, Lavish Satin, French Mikado, Royal Organza, Diamond Organza, and tulle are used to fabricate these gowns. You can tell by the names of each that they are special in their own right. Essense of Australia's many forms of satin give a bride options to what her dress will look like. The finish of each one completely changes the look of the dress. Every gown can be ordered in white or ivory. Sometimes other colors and color combinations are included as options. Essense of Australia gives color options of off white, oyster, pewter, and some trim colors like amethyst, black, caramel, charcoal, rose, and sky.

The beadwork on the gowns is always a high quality crystal. The beadwork patterns and embroidery are very intricate and a lot of time is put into each and every gown to make sure they are perfect. If you are a bride that is not interested in beadwork, some of the Essense of Australia styles can be ordered without beadwork. Details like flowers, bows, and belts can be found on the Essense of Australia gowns and sometimes these elements can be ordered in accent colors.

Another awesome option that Essense of Australia gives each bride is whether the dress comes with a zipper or a lace up back. Zippers are good for those who do not like the look of a lace up. Lace up gowns are awesome for those brides who may be losing weight or gaining, or for those who really like to control the look of their gown. With a pull of some strings you can really pull in the waist of the gown like no alterations can do for you. Alterations are rare when you have a Lace up gown because you can adjust the dress to your body.

Choose an Essense of Australia gown if you are picky about fabrics and beadwork. If you love crystals and lush fabrics, you will love Essense of Australia. Beautiful creations straight from the heart of Australia will make each bride look unique and gorgeous.

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