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David Fielden is London based designer who is internationally known for his innovative bridal creations. He is always on the cutting edge side of fashion, using modern and often unusual fabrics, along side more traditional themes of lace, silk, and tulle. David Fielden caters to the elegant, more fashionable brides who are looking for something unique and fresh with a vintage twist. The flagship store and design headquarters for David Fielden's bridal creations are located in Chelsea, on the fashionable Fulham Road and there all of the dresses are made. Davis Fielden, was previously a dancer and choreographer and was trained as a theatre designer. He later progressed into evening wear and bridal design when he inherited a magical vintage collection that he embellished with antique laces and sold at one of his first retail shops.

David Fielden has long been the designer of choice for fashionable icons in the press, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Julia Roberts, and Bianca Jagger. Today, he is more popular than ever, dressing fashion moguls such as Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne. His mission is to "push the boundaries of convention" and he does so by creating contemporary designs that excite and flatter women. Each gorgeous gown from David Fielden is a unique dress that is to be cherished. While he may be creating cutting edge designs for today's fashionistas, his gowns will always be relevant due to their roots in the classics and romantic flare. Tried, true, and always a go-to we are big fans of David Fielden and know you will be too! Just laying eyes on one of this exquisite designs sends you into a bridal fantasy, fit for a queen!

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