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Award winning bridal gown designer, Casablanca Bridal has been in the business since 1997. While it is still a fairly young company, Casablanca Bridal does not allow their age to get in the way of glamorous style and excellent quality. Casablanca Bridal is known for lovely dresses that are able to be customized to each bride's wants and desires.

Commitment to excellence and always putting the bride first is what has rushed Casablanca to the top in the bridal fashion industry. One of their biggest selling points is that a bride can customize her wedding gown to her choosing. If a bride sees a dress she likes but does not like the beadwork, she can take it off. If she likes the top of one gown and the bottom of another, she can put the two together. If a bride loves the fabric of one gown, the neckline of another, and the bead patter on the train of another gown, these details can be put together to create a truly unique gown. The answer "No" is not an option. Casablanca Bridal owns its own factory which allows them to make special order dresses one by one. The gowns are hand beaded and made with supreme quality and care. Also, because they own their own factory, each step of the process of creating your dream gown can be monitored closely.

The options are endless when it comes to choosing a wedding gown by Casablanca. They have a large amount of styles to choose from as they NEVER discontinue a style. Unlike other bridal companies, Casablanca Bridal has the ability to keep all of their wedding gown styles available for purchase. When you look at their styles, always keep in mind that any little detail can be changed to suit your needs! How could you not find a dress by Casablanca? They make it so easy to get the dress of your dreams!

Casablanca Bridal has two divisions, Casablanca Bridal and Casablanca Bridal Couture. Casablanca Bridal is their lower priced division of the two and the one that has been around the longest. It features traditional wedding gowns with some on the edge of non traditional. The gowns are all made with the highest quality standards, beautiful fabrics, and beadwork. Casablanca Bridal Couture just pushes the envelope a bit on the fashion side and steps it up a notch with more delicate fabrics and superior design. Every Casablanca Bridal Couture gown is thought to be a work of art and will definitely get the attention every bride wants on their wedding day. Each year one can expect to see a Spring and a Fall Collection come out. With each season, the collections will contain dresses that are up with the latest in the fashion trends. Currently lace, fit and flare, sleeves, and ball gowns are trendy but one can always find the traditional satin a-line gown with platinum threaded embroidery and beadwork. Casablanca has a gown for everyone, and if they do not have it at first glance, you can make it happen!

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