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Founded over nearly two decades ago, Anna Maier Couture has built a bridal house that is luxurious, elegant, and beautiful. Each gown is designed for the "mood" of the ceremony, (cathedral, chapel, or court) and every amazing dress tells a story of a of unique bridal experience. The cathedral gowns, the most grand and dramatic of the three collections, are lush, romantic, and period inspired. Each of these gorgeous bridal gowns has a full length skirt, a fabulous cut, and a stunning effect when worn down the isle. Many of the cathedral gowns have extensive, hand done beadwork, draping and dramatic lines, and an alluring presence.

The chapel gowns are more subtle, when compared to the cathedral gown, and focus on the expression of line, and emphasize the female body. These gowns are typically made of luscious lace and layers of beautiful tulle. They are the perfect wedding dress for a ceremony in a traditional church, and are all around graceful.

The court bridal gowns are for the modern spirit and they are airy, whimsical, and more free than the cathedral and chapel dresses. These gowns are beautiful, contemporary, and cutting-edge in the world of bridal fashions. These dresses allow for the bride to come alive in her gown and show her true self!

All bridal gowns made by Anna Maier Couture are fit exclusively for each specific bride and use only the finest materials and craftsmanship from around the world. The current bridal collection was designed by Charles W. Bunstine II, Anna Maier's great grandson. Through generations of bridal genius, Anna Maier Couture has become royalty among the bridal industry. Anna Maier Couture's creative spirit expresses the true grace and luxury of the bridal world, and this knowledge is shown through each and every design. Their wedding dresses are classic, white and perfect. Each gown can be customized for more coverage, more volume, or more draping, making each an every gown truly unique and angelic.

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