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The purpose of this site is to identify legitimate wedding dress retailers online through the use of an "authorized" seal, and to point out to consumers which sites are trying to sell you counterfeit wedding dresses through the use of search engines.

About me:
My first (and only) job up to this point was at a prom dress shop. I worked there for most of high school, and the first two years of college before I had to start doing internships for my marketing degree. In class one day we were talking about knock-off and counterfeit merchandise, specifically dealing with the internet. I remembered how often my previous employer would complain about knock-off dresses online. So I got the idea to start a website that focuses on authorizing stores using a seal system, and pointing out impostors by using search engine optimization techniques to rank right next to them in Google. I kind of threw a site up quickly and had a huge response! Not only did retailers like the seal system, they seem to like my opinions on how to fix the counterfeit problem in the formal wear industry. So a couple website revisions later, here we are! What started off as a small project for school has kind of evolved into something awesome. I have been asked by several companies to provide ad space for them. So here are the prices...

The purpose of TopBridalWebsites is consumer awareness via two methods. The 1st is a Site Seal that we provide for free that can be used industry wide to visually show customers that a site is trustworthy. The 2nd method is to use SEO techniques to put our results in google so when a customer searches for a bad website, we will rank highly enough to get their attention. We then advise them that the site they are looking up is not legitimate, and send them to our list of trusted online retailers. Because we are maintaining a list of "bad sites," we do not want to promote or endorse them. For this reason, TopBridalWebsites is set up in a way that it will not pass any "link value" to Google for linking to these bad sites.

Scope: Technical

Careful time, planning, consideration and review by my peers has gone into this website. No images or copyrighted content will be used if it violates the Fair Use Policy. http://fairuse.stanford.edu/Copyright_and_Fair_Use_Overview/chapter6/index.html

Thanks for taking the time to read through the site! You can use the contact form below to write me about advertising or site suggestions. If you have a website to report, PLEASE use one of the forms on the right sidebar to submit it to the proper list :)


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