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Consumers have submitted that 8 Wd sells knock-off or counterfeit formal dresses. We have not been able to review this website, but would advise you to buy from a verified site until an investigation is completed. If you have purchased from 8wd.co, please help us by leaving a review below!

I ordered my dress online from this company out of China. So many people warned me NOT to... but because I LOVED the dress soooo much (at least the picture they had on their website) and it was only $400 (should have been my first clue), I decided to trust them. They claim that it only takes 16-20 days to deliver (took me over 45 days) and they also claim quality is their priority. When I received my dress in the mail (which was wrapped up in a huge ball and stuffed in a plastic bag with an entire roll of duct tape covering the whole package (seriously an entire roll)) - I opened it and the dress was NOTHING like the picture in the website! I will say, the fit was perfect but the color was peach/orange NOT ivory...and the seams were coming apart at the top. When I reached out to them to tell them the color was ALL wrong and I want to return it...they INSULTED me by saying "the dress probably no fit and that's why you want return it". Instead of taking ownership of their mistake, they blamed it on ME. I can't post before and after pictures here but you will find this review on yelp.com, theknot.com, weddingwire.com...etc if you want to see the before and after photos. DON'T BUY FROM 8wd.co

Be safe when shopping online and do your research before buying from a company that you have never heard of! A list of verified authentic wedding dress retailers is located here.

Reviews for 8wd.co

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